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Energy Advice
Advice to keep residents Warm and Well

Local group South Dartmoor Community Energy (SDCE), is on a mission to help residents reduce their fuel bills and stay warm and well this winter.

The SDCE energy advisors are holding drop in energy advice surgeries in Totnes, South Brent and beyond over the coming months. Funded through the Lottery the advice is all free and impartial and includes advice on choosing the best energy tariff and switching, extra support available from fuel companies, grants for heating and insulation improvements and smart meters.

The next local sessions are at;

  • the South Brent & District Caring coffee morning in the Old School Centre, South Brent from 10.30-12 on Monday 6th November and Monday 4th December,
  • The Community Café in St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes from 10-1 on Wednesday 8th November and Wednesday 6th December
  • the Totnes Caring Bazaar in Totnes Methodist Church Hall from 9.30-12 on Friday 17th November,
  • the Caring Town Information Exchange in The Mansion, Fore Street from 10.30-1.30 on Thursday 23rd November.

The team are also able to do home visits to housebound residents, can provide top tip talks to community groups and clubs and have a Freephone advice line: 0800 112 3044.

Smart meters are currently a hot topic and SDCE are keen to dispel some of the myths around them. We will all be offered smart meters by 2020, by our energy companies and they use a radio system to send meter readings directly to your company. This means an end to estimated bills and no more waiting in, or climbing on chairs, to read meters. You do not have to have a computer or the internet in your home for the smart meters to work and you also get a handy in home display box to show you how much energy you are using and what it’s costing you. You can decide how regularly they provide the data to your company and they are free to have installed.

For further advice and information please pop in to one of the drop in sessions, telephone Freephone 0800 112 3044 or visit our website

Bob The Bus - Wednesdays and Fridays
Cornworthy Church 8.55
Tuckenhay 9.00
Bow Bridge 9.02
Ashprington 9.05
Totnes Plains 9.20
Returns from Totnes Plains 12.45 on Wednesdays and Fridays
For general enquiries and for private hire of this 16 seater minibus email or telephone 07800745332

Click image to download a copy (PDF) of the Ashprington Parish Council Emergency Plan

Tree works in Ashprington and Tuckenhay Conservation Areas
Please would parishioners check with the SHDC Tree Officer at Follaton House or the parish tree wardens before undertaking any works on trees on their property within Ashprington or Tuckenhay conservation areas. Read more

Ashprington Easy Riders Cycle Group
Since the end of July a group of villagers have been enjoying the use of two electric bikes, subsidised by Devon County Council and it's Totnes On The Move scheme. The power assisted cycling enables one to tackle all the local hills with confidence, and as we get fitter we can choose less assisted modes on the bike if we want to.  Electric bikes are seen as a great facility for all ages by getting out in the fresh air and exercising. I believe the Leatside Surgery are prescribing the use of an electric bike for patients. Short journeys into town are easy and save on car use. We have had days out to Dartmouth, Prawle Point and Ashburton, and still managed to get up for work the next day!
Two members are currently away for the winter months so we have availability if anybody would like a try. The cost would be £32 for seven months use. The bikes have great lights and helmets are provided. They also have panniers for shopping and supplies.

If you are interested please contact:
David Markson, 3 Holly Villas Ashprington - email or telephone 07702 727009

Registered charity no: 1091133

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1000’s of people each year in the SOUTH HAMS seek our ADVICE freely.

Meet new friends for just a couple of hours a month.

What we do- whatever the issue we provide free, confidential help by phone, face to face and on the web:

  • Welfare income maximisation
  • Guide you through financial issues
  • Employment matters
  • Consumer rights
  • Saving money on energy bills
  • Housing
  • Education and Healthcare
  • Family and personal issues
  • Neighbourhood disputes


Call us on: 01803 869233
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