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Welcome to the Ashprington and Tuckenhay website

Site last updated on May 23, 2016

The Ashprington and Tuckenhay Village Website is a local site for these communities.

The primary aim of the site is to provide a “Village Notice Board” using the advantages of easy access and communication provided through the internet.

It is expected that the website will be responsive and flexible to the needs of people in the parish and contribute to the strong sense of community that already exists within the villages. 

Latest Updates

WI open meeting - 40 years in the prison service - Derek Webber
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WI - Emily Van Vliet - Dame Hannah Rogers & Seale Hayne on 13.04.16.
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WI open meeting - a Journey of Food - Stella West-Harling .. read more

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Your local school Harbertonford Primary and Preschool are looking for donations to the Bags2school scheme more

Parish council minutes of meeting in December 2015 and agenda for meeting on 07.01.16. .. read more

Historic Palmerston Forts of Plymouth - open WI meeting on 13.01.16. ... read more.


The Amalthea Duo at St David's Church, Ashprington on Thursday, 3rd March 2016 at 7.30pm more

Celebrate 12th night - Ash Meadow Wassail on Wednesday 6th January 2016 at 6.00pm .. read more

The purpose of the site is to provide:
Access to up to date information about Ashprington & Tuckenhay – including local events, services, local attractions, accommodation, etc.
Information about the history of the village.
Internet access to Parish Council minutes and other relevant Parish Council information.
A forum for people in the local community to communicate and share resources that may be available – for example by sharing cars, buying and selling unwanted goods, identifying skills and support that people may be able to offer to others in the parish.
An opportunity for local businesses to advertise their services to a wide range of potential customers.
Provide links and references to local government resources and other relevant internet website addresses.

This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain and we can be found in the entry for Ashprington